Smart Control and Monitoring for Product Safety in Cooling

A climate control system for the optimal preservation and storage of food is vital in every business process, emphasizing cost reduction, energy efficiency, and maintaining product freshness.

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CAI system the next generation of temperature control

Our advanced system incorporates wireless sensors designed to monitor critical parameters including temperature, humidity and current in a cooling system. These sensors transmit real-time data in a stable manner to the nearest computing unit, which streams the information to the cloud...



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At any moment, you can peek and check what's happening at your business in real-time, and only important notifications will be sent to WhatsApp. We don't bother just for the sake of it.

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An SLA-based service desk is available to you and your employees, resolving issues within 72 hours. Or in short, we're always here for you.

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Save up to 20% on energy consumption and ongoing expenses in your business. Because the future is green and profitable too!

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Advanced temperature and humidity sensors with battery life of over 5 years. Wireless, they'll detect any issue effortlessly.

Among Our Customers

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Beyond the amazing technology that has saved me time and time again from significant losses in the freezer rooms - beyond all that, there is a “business” here with an excellent and fast team!

  • I started with 2 controllers and progressed to 6
  • A customer for over two years

Highly recommended!

Mozzarella Catering
A dairy kitchen in the north of the country
לוגו של חברת Mozzarella Catering

An excellent and reliable system, a very pleasant user experience, excellent service, and it has also proven itself wherever we implemented it, saving us hundreds of thousands of shekels in just the first few months.

Ephraim Shloss, Logistics and Quality Control Manager
Gourmet Group Meals
לוגו של חברת Ephraim Shloss, Logistics and Quality Control Manager

Easy and user-friendly operation combined with accurate notifications make the system worthwhile for the customer.

Omer, Merchandising Manager at Kibbutz Granot
Supermarket Chain in Kibbutzim
לוגו של חברת Omer, Merchandising Manager at Kibbutz Granot

As the owner of a butcher shop named “Quality Meat from the Farm, 27 Farm,” Controlx has saved me at least 5 times in the past two years thanks to notifications about temperature drops or power outages. For anyone who values their business and needs a reliable system with service well above the standard in the country, don’t hesitate.

Shaul Avadov, Owner
Quality Meat Shop from the Farm, 27 Farm
לוגו של חברת Shaul Avadov, Owner

A user-friendly, straightforward system that is not complicated. Following notifications received from the system, the destruction of hundreds of kilograms of products was prevented.

Quality Control Manager at Nire Zion Food Manufacturing Plant
לוגו של חברת Ranin

Hi Gilad,

The installation of the Control X system has given us the confidence that our products are stored at the desired temperature. But beyond that, your service and care are truly exceptional. Thank you, Gil from Pharma Cosmetics

Gil Pharma Cosmetics
Quality Control Manager at a Cosmetics Manufacturing Plant
לוגו של חברת Gil Pharma Cosmetics

The system is excellent. It provides real-time notifications about faults in the cooling systems or electricity supply.

Shai, Quality Control Manager at Pargo
Factory for manufacturing dough and toppings for pizzas
לוגו של חברת Shai, Quality Control Manager at Pargo
Q & A
•   Is the sensor installed inside the cooling unit?
•   Is the system approved by the Ministry of Health?
•   What are the advantages of an AI engine?
•   Is it really 100% fault detection? How is that possible?
•   Are you suitable for large food marketing networks?
•   Why do we pay a monthly fee?
•   Can the system be installed independently?
•   I don't want to work through the smartphone, can I operate the system through the computer?
•   Does the system store my data?
•   Wait, how often do you replace sensor batteries?
•   Is the application compatible with all types of phones?
•   Do you have an API?
•   I have a unique cooling unit, can the sensor be used with all types of cooling units?
•   Are there other types of sensors besides temperature and humidity?
•   Is there a solution for the pharmaceutical world in terms of extreme temperatures of -200°C?
•   Do you have validation?
•   Do you comply with GMP regulations?
•   Does the system meet the need for process control?
•   How does Controlx save you up to 15% on electricity?
•   How does your system contribute to preserving the Earth?

Reducing Carbon Footprint in the Organization

A cooling unit requires cooling about 35% of the time when operating normally. However, if the door is left open, the cooling requirement will rise to 100% of the time. In the case of an entire night or over the entire weekend, monthly energy costs soar by tens of percentage points, resulting from increased cooling demand pressure on the compressor.

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Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions

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Energy Saved (Compressor Hours)

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Cargo Saved (Cooling Faults Detected)

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