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smart wireless sensors with an innovative application, let you monitor environmental conditions in minutes.


Real-Time Alerts Receive alerts via
mobile app/whatsapp/phone call, so you
can take action right away when a sensor
detects an abnormal behavior

Cellular Internet

Monitor your units anywhere without ever having
to manage a server, ControlX provide all in one solution
4G and WiFi based, backed up by a rechargeable battery with offline sync support.


Enables data continuation for unstable
connection for an unlimited amount of time,
to goods transported inland, air, and sea


Malfunction prediction for your components.
By collecting and analyzing a large amounts
of data received from various sensors,
ControlX can predict a failure before it happens,
Our system will inform you as to which part should be replaced
in order to stay with 100% productivity.
The system also helps reducing false alarms by 95%

5y battery life

All our sensors are battery-based
and equipped with a unique 5-year built-in battery
which spares you the need to replace their power source
for at least half a decade


Ever feel like you need to be reassured your sensors
are working as expected? ControlX sensors constantly
monitor their own battery, connectivity
and internet connection. Your device will receive an immediate
warning if an issue arises with any of them.


Temperature and Humidity

ControlX TH-1 temperature and humidity sensors provide mission-critical benefits for various industries. TH-1 wireless sensors are easily deployed in any cooling rooms, refrigerators, freezers, server rooms or even cooling trucks that store pharmaceuticals, food, and other goods. Sensors can be deployed inside storage units as well as outside them, utilizing a probe to monitor the conditions inside the unit. The Sensors send the temperature, voltage, and 
humidity readings at user-defined intervals via the application. TH-1 sensors provide an automated and reliable solution that improves regulatory compliance, saving money, time and trouble for the staff. TH-1 sensors are also used to monitor the battery levels of a workstation to ensure its availability.

TH-1 Sensor enable users to improve their operations, quality, and regulatory compliance. Various types of industries, including healthcare, laboratory, food service, manufacturing and logistics-related organizations have a critical need for wireless monitoring of environmental conditions.

By combining the Sensors with the native application, automatic alerts can be set to trigger when environmental conditions or battery levels reach a pre-configured threshold level. Staff can be notified in many ways, such as by push notification, emails, WhatsApp, VOIP phone alerts, and text messages. Automatic reporting and alerts increase staff productivity, improve business processes, and ensure regulatory compliance. The battery-powered TH-1 Sensor hosts an 
onboard memory that can be used to monitor and store condition data when the unit is out of network range or when a power outage occurs. TH-1 sensor benefits also include waste-reduction. By keeping the product under controlled temperature around the clock, damaged goods loss drops dramatically.

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Smoke Detectors

ControlX SM-1 Smart Smoke Alarm is a photoelectric (optical) smoke detector that enhances your business safety. When a fire starts, it sends real-time smoke alerts directly to your smartphone. This way you can take action even when you're not present in the specific location.

RReal-time alerts on your smartphone. Unlike traditional smoke detectors, the ControlX SM-1 Smart Smoke Alarm provides smoke alert warnings in real-time. Whenever smoke is detected, an alert is on its way to your mobile device with all the necessary details.

Water Leak

ControlX FL-1 Flood Sensor is A water leakage detector that protects your business against possible water damages. Whenever a water leakage incident happens, an immediate alert is on its way to your mobile device with all the necessary details.

Motion Detectors

Controlx MD-1 A motion sensor is the linchpin of your security system. This device is in charge of detecting unfamiliar activity. If there is a suspicious movement inside your business facility outside work hours, motion sensor uses multiple technologies to detect it. When a sensor is tripped, a signal is sent directly to your Controlx application, alerting you and the monitoring center for a potential threat on the location.

Controlx MD-1 . Wireless sensors that are easy to set up. They don’t require drilling, and communicate with other security system components wirelessly. Our application enables you to see if there is a suspicious on business facilities at any given time. Any time it detects unfamiliar activity, the details are saved, enabling you to watch them later using our special reports. Through the integration of deep learning technology and focused optimization of the algorithms and network software, the MD1 is able to accurately determine when to alert and notify you.

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Door/Window Open/Close

Controlx DW-1 Wireless sensors, enable online status of any opened door or window in the business facility. It applies to anything that can imply undesired activity, from a refrigerator door to the door to the building, or the delivery truck door. As mentioned above regarding the motion detectors, all the details can be seen in special reports section of the app.

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Location And Speed Tracking

Location transport tracking support is displayed on an elaborated map on a web page.

Track your trucks and goods on a detailed map in real time, speed and sensors information is available for you to see at all times.

about Control X

ControlX, provides cloud-based visibility and analytic solutions for
various industrial necessities, monitoring environmental conditions for any product or place.
The ControlX IoT platform integrates smart sensors over a cloud-based network to
enable warehouses, factories, labs, transport companies, and other organizations to
easily monitor cold storage and other aspects of their operations that must be
maintained at specific conditions for any product or business.